How to Drop Fat whilst still Eating Out and Drinking Alcohol

Achieve Results without Restriction so that you can Enjoy Life

If you’re someone who wants to:

  • Gain freedom when choosing foods
  • Learn to train specifically for your individual goals
  • Incorporate eating out and drinking alcohol into your social life without putting your goals on hold
  • Feel motivated to follow through with your goals
  • Tweak your daily habits instead of feeling like you’re adding MORE to your life
  • Have a supportive coach to rely on for factual guidance and support
Walk away understanding how your meals are fueling your body as well as the impact different types of exercise have on your health. 

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What do my Clients think...

Vitality Script Customer Testimonial
Client message of why to join vitality script
client testimonial
client testimonial
"When I started the Vitality Script, I was hoping to learn more about nutrition, get into a consistent exercise routine and shed some of my excess covid-kilos. I ended up changing my whole mindset and relationship with food, exercise and my body. I feel more comfortable listening to my body; I'm able to weigh myself, eat treats without any shame; I feel in control. Dalton was supportive, flexible, and encouraged me to do what worked for me." - Phoebe
"Dalton Franke’s coaching has helped my husband & I not only lose weight but also gain life long habits to help with the mental & emotional side of keeping weight off. The weekly lessons were the biggest investment, I’ve been apart of programs before to lose weight but I’ve never been apart of a program that focused on the actual issues & how to keep the weight off. We’re very grateful for the time we spent with Dalton and all the lessons we’ve learnt." - Anna