Our Mission

We help women who have been struggling with yo-yo dieting, find freedom in food and exercise. We provide simple solutions that allow our clients to learn how to live in a way that retains and sustains their results. With our help, women can finally break free from the dieting cycle and achieve lasting success!

How To Stop Dieting is the leading provider of nutrition, exercise and motivation coaching for women who want to achieve long-term fat loss results. Our unique approach guarantees clients results while providing one-on-one support every step of the way. Not only will you lose the weight and learn to keep it off, you’ll repair your relationship with food, the scales, and the person in the mirror. 

We know that when it comes to health, happiness and weight loss, one size does not fit all – which is why we offer a range of online coaching services to suit each individual’s needs. You can finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted – all while learning to love yourself again!

Dalton Franke Online Coach Macro King

Nutrition, Exercise & Motivation Coach

Dalton is a Registered Sports Nutritionist who coaches his clients in Exercise, Nutrition & Motivation. His aim is to see his clients live an unrestricted life that they enjoy, while improving their health and feeling confident in their bodies. 

With over 8 years industry experience, Dalton continually raises the bar by incorporating psychology into his coaching; he understands his clients and the emotional struggles that stand between them and their goals. 

Dalton has a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science (The University of Queensland) and a Certificate IV in Personal Training. He has further completed Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training with a large focus on Motivational Interviewing & Behaviour Change.

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