Our Mission

We help people who have been struggling with yo-yo dieting, find freedom in food and exercise. We provide simple solutions that allow our clients to learn how to live in a way that retains and sustains their results. With our help, our clients finally break free from the dieting cycle and achieve lasting success!

How To Stop Dieting is leading the way when it comes to maintaining long-term results and better understanding nutrition, exercise and motivation. Our unique approach guarantees clients results while providing one-on-one support every step of the way. Not only will you lose the weight and learn to keep it off, but you’ll also repair your relationship with food, the scales, and the person in the mirror.

We know that when it comes to health, happiness and weight loss, one size does not fit all – which is why we offer a range of online coaching services to suit each individual’s needs. You can finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted – all while learning to love yourself again!

Dalton Franke Headshot

Nutrition, Exercise & Motivation Coach

Dalton Franke coaches his clients in Exercise, Nutrition & Motivation. He enables his clients to  live an unrestricted life that they enjoy, while reaching their health and fitness goals. 

With over 9 years industry experience, Dalton Franke raises the bar by incorporating psychology into his coaching; he understands his clients and the emotional struggles that stand between them and their goals. 

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science (The University of Queensland) 
  • Registered Sports Nutritionist
  • Certificate IV in Personal Training
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Trained 
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Trained
  • Motivational Interviewing & Behaviour Change Specialisations

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“Rawdon & Tommy are VERY excited to introduce the latest ‘darkhorse’ to the UTB audience… Dalton Franke. As you will discover over the next 3 episodes Dalton is a rare mind in the fitness industry with that special blend of data driven and scientific rigour, emotional intelligence, lateral thinking and ‘in the trenches’ real world results. In this initial instalment we look at methods for successful behaviour change to facilitate long term body recomposition. Along the way we discuss the differing qualities of endurance athletes and strength athletes, the power of visualisation, key behaviours for long fat loss, values driven goal setting, common pitfalls of weight regain, sleep tips and the biology and evolution of behaviour change.”

“What you don’t see on Instagram is the trade off’s and costs of dieting that present themselves both physically and mentally. In episode 33 of the Macabolic Podcast Dalton & Luke delve deep into what to expect, how to deal with it and how to not screw yourself up. At the hands of moron coaches who’s primary motive is their social media recognition Hope you enjoy!”

“In episode 14 I was lucky enough to be joined by Dalton Franke. Dalton is a nerd like me when it comes to training and nutrition. In this episode we do our best to ‘dumb things down’ without rambling on, as we are both certainly capable of. We discus gut health and how you should consider the simple factors of fibre intake and fibre type before you go down the path of spending tonnes of money and time on food intolerance tests and various other gut health related protocols. We discus how having gluten in your diet might be the thing you need to improve your symptoms of GI distress which goes against popular belief We then talk about why having a large discrepancy of training volume and intensity from the start compared to the end of a training program is a smarter approach than just going all in from week 1. We discuss how you don’t need to be leaving the gym in a ambulance for the session to be effective and productive, and how that approach will bring sub optimal results.”